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So, following on from our previous Interview ] feature with Chris Reid, comes our 2nd, from a male model who's currently highly influential right now, [ Leon Scott ]. Back at the end of April, we headed to Newcastle to shoot some Lifestyle with Leon and a local photographer [ Jonny Wilson ]. We wanted to get to know him a bit more & why he got into Modelling.


Height // 5ft11               
Hair // Black

Eyes // Brown


Leon Scott x Avid & Co.



How did you get into modelling?

My first modelling job came from the back of me playing a football match. There was a guy watching the game back in 2012 who had an idea of bringing his own clothing brand out and told me that my look would work perfect for what they wanted. That brand was SikSilk. We met a few weeks later and produced a few amateur shoots with a local Photographer. Ever since my social media has grown & established myself more into the industry.


Leon Scott

 What do you enjoy most about being involved in this industry?

Meeting and working with new faces who all have different ideas, but with the same drive to succeed in what they believe will work for them. Also getting to travel the world, seeing new places & learning new things about the myself and the industry.


Favorite project you've been involved with to date?

My favourite project so far would be the Footasylum summer campaign that I shot in Ibiza. Seeing my face in the FootAsylum shop windows across the UK was such a surreal moment.


What's your biggest motivation & drive to succeed?

My Mam & Nana would be my biggest motivation & drive to succeed. Making these two happy and proud of what I do, and to be able to give them something back for all the years they have supported me with everything I do.


Biggest influences on your career to date?

Again this would have to me my Mam & Nana. Of-course I looked at Sports-people growing up, the likes of David Beckham being one of them, but my Mam and Nana always taught me to be myself, and if I have an opinion let it be heard - but at the same time respect others.


Do you have any rituals when preparing for shoots? If so, what are they?

I always like to try & have a fresh hair cut before a shoot - ideally the day before. I also like to chill out to some music, mainly Drake or Kano at the minute, but that always changes depending what mood I'm in. An Expresso just before I start the day is essential to wake me up ready to shoot.






Avid & Co. x Leon Scott



What 5 travel essentials do you have that you can't go without?

  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Headphones
  • Wallet
  • Food


How do you wind down after a long day of shooting & travelling?

I like to travel by train most of the time. This way I can wind down by getting some sleep & listening to music. Normally when I arrive home I go to the gym.


What would you be doing now if you were not a model?

I'm currently also working as a child care worker that I have a lot of passion. I like making a difference & helping improve young people's lives. So I would definitely be looking more into developing my career into that - I'm very limited with the free time I have at the minute trying to fit everything in.


Instagram // @leon3scott

Twitter // @leon3scott

Contact // LSenquiries3@gmail.com


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